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Find your SSH RSA key fingerprint


$ ssh-keygen -E md5 -lf ~/.ssh/
2048 MD5:c1:16:02:e0:22:72:c5:ef:93:c1:2d:7c:22:3c:55:43 dkreling@dkreling (RSA)



Git: add a remote repository

In case you need to work with more than one remote repositories, chances are you need to add one of them (origin comes as a default).

$ git remote add remote_name 

Choose the remote_name as you wish and grab the repo URL from github.

You may also be interested in Selecting remote repository on git or maybe if you need to rename your remote, you might want to read how to rename a remote repository

For a little more information, visit:


Change username on linux

To manage every aspect of the user database, you use the usermod tool.

To change username (it is probably best to do this without being logged in):

usermod -l newUsername oldUsername

This, however, does not rename the home folder.

To change home-folder, use

usermod -d /home/newHomeDir -m newUsername

after you changed the username.


Check the Firmware Version on Power8

To check the Firmware Level on IBM Power Systems, you have two options:

From GNU/Linux: issue ‘lsmcode

From Petitboot (before loading your OS): issue ‘update_flash -d

[root@powerkvm002 ~]# lsmcode
Version of System Firmware is FW840.00 (SV840_016) (t) FW840.00 (SV840_015) (p) FW840.00 (SV840_016) (b)

From Petitboot:
 # update_flash -d
 Current firwmare version :
   P side    : FW840.00 (TV840_016)
   T side    : FW840.00 (TV840_016)
   Boot side : FW840.00 (TV840_016)