[iprconfig 4/8] Formatting disks for raid

Before creating an array, you have to format your disks for raid. To accomplish that, issue the format-for-raid command, passing the disks you want to have formatted for raid, i.e:

[22:16:20] system:~# iprconfig -c format-for-raid sg2 sg3 sg4 sg5 sg6 sg7 sg8 sg8
[22:16:55] system:~# iprconfig -c show-config
Name   PCI/SCSI Location          Description               Status
------ -------------------------  ------------------------- -----------------
       001f:01:00.0/126:          PCI-E SAS RAID Adapter    Operational
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:10:0    Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:3:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:4:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:5:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:6:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:7:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:8:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:9:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:1:0     Enclosure                 Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:2:0     Enclosure                 Active
       0029:01:00.0/120:          PCI-E SAS RAID Adapter    Operational
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:10:0    Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:3:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:4:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:5:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:6:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:7:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:8:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:9:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:1:0     Enclosure                 Active
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:2:0     Enclosure                 Active

Now you have your disks as AFD (Advanced Funcion Disks) state, which means that they are ready to be combined for raid.

NOTE: The disk formatting is done in parallel. That means that it does not matter the number of disks you want to format. In other words, the time spent to format 1 disk is the same to format many disks.

See how to create RAIDs on the next post.

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