[iprconfig 3/8] JBOD – Using single disks

When you have multiple disks on your system, you can arrange them in such a way that you can use each as single, individual disks. Iprutils labels this approach as Just a Bunch Of Disk or, JBOD.

Formating for JBOD means that your system will see all disks as individual disks, and also that you will not be able to create raids with them. The syntax is:

iprconfig -c format-for-jbod [sdN | sgX]…

where sdN is seen from iprconfig -c show-config and sgX is seen from iprconfig -c show-alt-config

There will be no output while the formatting runs, but after the formatting finishes, you will see your disks as Physical Disks:

[16:14:06] system:~# iprconfig -c show-config
Name   PCI/SCSI Location         Description               Status
------ ------------------------- ------------------------- -----------------
       0000:00:01.0/1:            PCI-X SAS RAID Adapter    Operational
sde    0000:00:01.0/1:4:0:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdi    0000:00:01.0/1:4:10:0      Physical Disk             Active
sdl    0000:00:01.0/1:4:11:0      Physical Disk             Active
sdr    0000:00:01.0/1:4:1:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdaa   0000:00:01.0/1:4:2:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdab   0000:00:01.0/1:4:3:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdac   0000:00:01.0/1:4:4:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdad   0000:00:01.0/1:4:5:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdae   0000:00:01.0/1:4:6:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdaf   0000:00:01.0/1:4:7:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdy    0000:00:01.0/1:4:8:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdah   0000:00:01.0/1:4:9:0       Physical Disk             Active
       0000:00:01.0/1:4:24:0      Enclosure                 Active
       0000:00:01.0/1:6:24:0      Enclosure                 Active
       0001:00:01.0/2:            PCI-X SAS RAID Adapter    Operational
sdf    0001:00:01.0/2:4:0:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdh    0001:00:01.0/2:4:10:0      Physical Disk             Active
sdk    0001:00:01.0/2:4:11:0      Physical Disk             Active
sdq    0001:00:01.0/2:4:1:0       Physical Disk             Active
sds    0001:00:01.0/2:4:2:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdt    0001:00:01.0/2:4:3:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdu    0001:00:01.0/2:4:4:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdv    0001:00:01.0/2:4:5:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdw    0001:00:01.0/2:4:6:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdx    0001:00:01.0/2:4:7:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdag   0001:00:01.0/2:4:8:0       Physical Disk             Active
sdz    0001:00:01.0/2:4:9:0       Physical Disk             Active
       0001:00:01.0/2:4:24:0      Enclosure                 Active
       0001:00:01.0/2:6:24:0      Enclosure                 Active

Please keep in mind that formatting takes long to finish. This above formatting took about 20 minutes to complete.

Now you have single disks to work with.

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