[iprconfig 2/8] Displaying Alternate Information

Another way of displaying more information about the disks layout is by calling atl-config, like this:

# iprconfig -c show-alt-config

Show-alt-config shows other sorts of information, such as alternate disk names,
resource address, product ID and vendor, for example:

[17:42:44] system:~# iprconfig -c show-alt-config
Name   Resource Path/Address      Vendor   Product ID       Status
------ -------------------------- -------- ---------------- -----------------
sg14   FE                         IBM      57C3001SISIOA    Operational
sg9    00-04-0D                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Active
sg2    00-04-0A                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Active
sg3    00-04-04                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Active
sg4    00-04-03                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Active
sg5    00-04-01                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Active
sg6    00-04-00                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Active
sg7    00-04-02                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Active
sg8    00-04-10                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Active
sg0    00-00-2C                   IBM      5888             Active
sg1    00-04-2C                   IBM      5888             Active
sg54   FE                         IBM      57C3001SISIOA    Operational
sg37   00-04-0D                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Remote
sg30   00-04-0A                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Remote
sg31   00-04-00                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Remote
sg32   00-04-02                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Remote
sg33   00-04-04                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Remote
sg34   00-04-01                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Remote
sg35   00-04-03                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Remote
sg36   00-04-10                   IBM      V2-TX21B10400G   Remote
sg28   00-00-2C                   IBM      5888             Active
sg29   00-04-2C                   IBM      5888             Active

In the above example we see that sg14 and sg54 are in the Operational state and have a different Product ID. They are the IPR adapters. The V2-* devices are the disks connected to the IPR adapter.

In the above output, you can identify the mirrored disks looking at their Resource Path/Address field. The same addresses are the same disks, seen twice: once by the primary adapter and again by the remote (secondary) adapter.

For example, sg9 and sg37, sg02 and sg30, sg3 and sg33 and so on.

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