[iprconfig 1/8] Displaying Information

In order to display disk information of your system using iprutils utilities, drop to a terminal and issue (as root):

# iprconfig -c show-config

The output will be something like:The “-c” switch indicates we are passing a command to iprconfig. “show-config” will display some information such as device name, PCI location, description and status of the disks.

[16:59:49] system:~# iprconfig -c show-config
Name   PCI/SCSI Location          Description               Status
------ -------------------------  ------------------------- -----------------
       001f:01:00.0/126:          PCI-E SAS RAID Adapter    Operational
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:10:0    Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:3:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:4:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:5:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:6:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:7:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:8:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:9:0     Advanced Function SSD     Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:1:0     Enclosure                 Active
       001f:01:00.0/126:0:2:0     Enclosure                 Active
       0029:01:00.0/120:          PCI-E SAS RAID Adapter    Operational
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:10:0    Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:3:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:4:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:5:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:6:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:7:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:8:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:9:0     Advanced Function SSD     Remote
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:1:0     Enclosure                 Active
       0029:01:00.0/120:0:2:0     Enclosure                 Active

In the above scenario we have 8 SSD disks formatted as Advanced Function Disks (AFD), which means that they are ready to be grouped as raid.

Status Operational indicates that the IPR adapters are operational. “Activeindicates the status of all disks attached to the primary IPR adapter, and Remote” indicates the ones to the secondary adapter.

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