[iprutils 0/8] iprutils Basic Commands

This is a series of 9 posts (including this one) regarding some basic iprutils commands to be used from the GNU/Linux command line. Note that the series will not cover package installation, just utilization.

IBM Power Raid Utilities (iprutils) package is a RAID configuration utility to manage SAS RAID adapters on IBM Power Linux.

No mistery here. All this commands are well described in the iprconfig man pages. All I did was sorting the most likely used and show some examples.

1) “iprconfig -c show-config” – Displaying Information.
2) “iprconfig -c show-alt-config” – Displaying Alternate Information
3) “iprconfig -c format-for-jbod [sdN | sgX]…” – Formatting disks for JBOD.
4) “iprconfig -c format-for-raid [sgX…] ” – Formatting disks for raid
5) “iprconfig -c raid-create -r <N> [sdN | sgX]……” – Creating RAIDs from AFD disks
6) “iprconfig -c show-details [sdN | sgX]…” – Showing specific disk information
7) “iprconfig -c raid-create -r <N> [sdN | sgX] -l <mylabel>” – Creating RAIDs with a label associated
8) “iprconfig -c query-array-label <mylabel>” – Verifying what is the raid for your label

Also, you can find information about downloading the package on



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